Five things I learned while pretending to be a mom of two for two days.


Ok.  A few things about this week. A. The bed is no place for a bear cub. Turn your back for one minute and the little cub will crawl right off. Our week started with an emergency trip to our pediatrician.  I attributed my malaise, weakness, and stomach cramps to the emotional discomfort of feeling like a total failure with your infant son. B. Apparently, the pediatrician's office is flooded Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! What to wear to a “festive attire” party…


Tis the season for office holiday parties. Time for this little mama to ditch her leggings and tunics and opt for a sparkly holiday dress. But which one should I wear? Today, I enlist your help in deciding what to wear: something from my closet or something new? 1. Option #1: The Little Blue Dress This pretty little thing was a bridesmaid's dress. I love this dress so, so much. I am Continue Reading

12 Days of Cheer: Little Bear Edition

christmas cheer 4

  My gal pal Jessica over at The Newly is doing a fun series that I've decided to join in for the next few days.  Today is day four of the 12 day series...and she's got a bunch of goodness to get you in the Christmas Spirit.  She's like Buddy the Elf, only blonder; which usually translates into lots of giggles when she's around.  Seriously, she may be the jolliest person I know.  Sometimes Continue Reading

Lesson Plan Ideas: Sensory Language through a sensory experience


I forgot the peaceful silence of early morning December moonlight. Everything is still.  No one is stirring. This morning, I took a moment to enjoy the clear of daybreak; the chill of the air whistling at my face, gently waking me up. My breath was warm from a few morning miles on the pavement.  I enjoy running, but I much prefer the moment the run is finished.  My ears are acutely aware of the Continue Reading

Oh hey Friday! Five healthier Christmas treat options for mom and baby to enjoy


I'm doing some serious Pinterest-ing today to find the healthiest classic Christmas Cookie recipes. I want to bake with my little boy, but don't want to give him table sugar quite yet; #ChristmasBakingProblems. Here are five ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and let baby join in on the fun.  Thanks to all the bloggers (who I didn't ask, but will shamelessly promote because these recipes are Continue Reading

Christmas Wish List

The month of December started with a bang.  Little guy and I have been following my Atlanta Event Advent Calendar.  It has been a lot of fun...knowing exactly what's in store for us for the day. Yes, I've planned out just about everything for the month of December. Everything that is, except for gifts; gifts for myself, for my husband, and my little bear. Today, I've decided to scour the Continue Reading

But you came like a winter snow (Glory in the Highest Deluxe Edition Review and giveaway)

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.04.35 AM

I got an exclusive interview with the Chris Tomlin guitarist, Daniel Carson, in preparation for this particular review.  How exclusive? Try sitting on his kitchen stool in the middle of boxes filled with his family possessions while watching his beautiful wife feed his infant son eat some peas. Ok, so it wasn't exactly a planned interview; and I suppose I didn't necessarily need to schedule Continue Reading



I think my generation was one of the first to have been told that little girls could be anything they wanted to be. You can become an astronaut; they assured me.  Although, my crippling fear of heights and average performance in math and science stood in my way. You can become an artist like Picasso!  If unintentional likeness to Picasso's paintings would've made me money, perhaps I would've Continue Reading

A letter to my son at 9 months

You LOVE your cousin Wills.

Dear Bennett, Today is a very special day.  Nine months ago today, a group of NICU nurses placed you in my arms for the first time.  I looked into your slate blue eyes and I knew I had to eat crow.  You see, before you, I didn't quite believe in love at first sight. I guess the joke is on me. The second I laid eyes on you, I was in love. So was your daddy.  You have been our favorite gift Continue Reading

Putting all the race cards on the table…

Ted Morris via

My day started quite unexpectedly at 1 a.m., as my little bear growled for the better part of an hour and a half. I had already planned a morning run with a new friend at 5:30 a.m., so this particular post is fueled by very little sleep, a fair amount of caffeine, and an early morning runner's high. Normally, my new friend and I chat about long runs, life with a baby (and all that entails), Continue Reading