To the graduating seniors (who changed my life forever)

Today is your day, sweet graduates. Today is the day you walk across the field, receive your diploma, and move forward into your future without looking back. I was there on your first day.  I remember your first steps into the dirty floor of our mod.  I remember your precious, anxious faces as you sat at the little brown box desks that I fought tirelessly to keep straight for your first Continue Reading

To Do lists (Guest Post by Lynne of The Sweet Midlife)


Today, I'm honored to have a guest post from Lynne of The Sweet Midlife.  Lynne has been such a huge supporter of this blog from the very beginning and I always love reading what she has to say.  Today, she touches on a topic that has been top of mind for me lately--the never ending to do list and the ever-present struggle between getting things done and choosing your children. Continue Reading

To the soon-to-be mama


I see you, little mama. You haven't quite gotten used to that name, yet.  After all, you haven't met your little one.  You haven't seen his or her little nose or kissed each one of his or her little fingers.  You feel tired: tired of being pregnant; tired of well-intentioned strangers; tired of the looks directed at your over-stretched belly as if they've never seen something so foreign. You Continue Reading

Standby faith (On Calvary’s Hill Book Review)


If you ever want to know how truly ugly human nature is, fly standby. Purchasing a standby ticket is a low-risk, high reward practice.  Last weekend I purchased a round-trip standby request for $50: a regular ticket would've cost upwards of $500.  In the grand scheme of travel, $50 is peanuts. Spending a tenth of a regular priced ticket is lovely.  Waiting for a seat is not. Most of Continue Reading

Why you probably shouldn’t trust a blogger…


I am not usually one for sweeping generalizations; in fact, I used to make the papers of my former students bleed purple ink if I ever saw statements like, In today's society, everyone believes that women are more emotional than men. The horror. There is so much wrong with that sentence.  First, what to which other society is the writer referring? Yesterday's society did not believe that Continue Reading

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Well, what do you know.  I've been nominated by the lovely Tarynn at Mama By Fire for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  How fun! Tarynn and I connected through one of the best blogging groups around and I must say, she's pretty fantastic.  She's much better with social media than I am and usually posts some of the most intriguing links over on her Facebook Page.  She is candid and Continue Reading

What little bear wore (Gigi Babies Review)


I've had a conflicting relationship with Jon-Jons ever since I found out we were having a boy. Smocked outfits for girls are adorable.  From the colorful fabrics to the tiny, perfectly embroidered details, each special dress screams, "I'm so girly and fun.  The price of this outfit is ridiculous, but the stinging price will be a small sacrifice for a lifetime of perfectly styled Continue Reading

Brown Bear Birthday decor details (Abby Reese Design Review)

Brown Bear Birthday Party c/o Abby Reese Design

**I received the Brown Bear Party Package in compensation  for an honest review. All of these opinions are my own** Confession...I just took down Little B's birthday decorations...and it wasn't just because I'm too lazy, or overly sentimental. It's a little of that...but it's more the fact that the birthday decor was everything I wanted to make B's day extra special. In full disclosure, it Continue Reading

Letter to my one year old

FullSizeRender 3

Bennett, I had a grand vision of what the night before your very first birthday would be. Bath time would be magical; I’d cry a few tears at one of the last times I’d ever nurse you to sleep; we would read a book; and I would put you gently in your crib as you slept soundly until the morning. This grand vision did not come true.  When I drew your bath, you crawled away furiously and Continue Reading

Happy bear-thday! (Friday link ups)


We are exactly 2 days away from the Bear's birthday.  I. Cannot. Believe. It. What a great year; parenting is way more than I ever thought it could be.  I'll reserve my gushy thoughts for my 1 year letter to the little man.  But TODAY, I bring you 5 bits of randomness just for fun. 1. The "bear-thday" party decor is done.   My house has been decorated for a few days at the Continue Reading