Why Yoga-n never take away my Yoga pants…

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  I remember when I was about 10 years old, I sat inside of a Sunday School class and the teacher made a comment about how she always thought that people were staring at her when she walked across the room. "But they weren't," she followed. My ten-year-old sensibilities were heightened and confused.  What the heck is she talking about? I don't think I had an answer for that Continue Reading

Before Amen: A review

  As I sat across from a used car salesman as he finalized the paperwork, I jiggled my knee.  Come on, come on! I thought.  I couldn't wait for the moment when he would sign, close the file, and slide the black key across the desk, "She's yours." "Thank you!" I tried to hide the exasperation in my gratitude, but I was so excited to drive off the lot with my own car. The very first Continue Reading

Just plane fun: how to survive your first flight with a baby

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As a daughter of a pilot, I know a thing or two about the frustrations of air travel. For starters, my family was never guaranteed a seat as we flew standby to our destinations.  The gate agent always had to exercise a little creativity to fit our family of six in some proximity to each other.  We learned to pick the early flights; it was best to arrive at Hartsfield Jackson by 4:30 any time we Continue Reading

Oh, hey Friday (five bits of randomness)

So, a few odd things happened this week... 1. The Hawks hosted the first ever "Tinder Night" at Phillips Arena.  I'm torn in my support of my favorite pro basketball team.   On one hand, it is genius marketing;  after all, even I am talking about the birds on this little blog.  Our team has gotten more press from this gimmick than anything else we've done in the last few months (including Continue Reading

Ten must-visit Atlanta Restaurants


Before Bennett, Steven and I must've dined out for nearly every meal. That is, every meal on the weekends.  After all, Steven was only home Thursday after dinner through Sunday.  Ain't nobody got time to cook every single night for one person.  Instead, I'd make one meal and spread it out over the next four nights.  It worked.  We saved a bunch on our grocery bill each month (I spent maybe $45 Continue Reading

A Separate Peace: A Tribute to Stuart Scott


The very first novel I taught in my very first classroom was A Separate Peace by John Knowles. What a mistake. I was ill-equipped to teach the novel.  I had no concrete direction in which to navigate the perfectly crafted prose.  The events of the novel closely align themselves with the events of World War II, weaving its way to the painfully poignant conclusion that encapsulates exactly Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday!

Five things on this first Friday of the new year... 1. I've resolved myself to find depth in every area of my life.  I am not a shallow person by nature (most of the time), and yet, when it really matters, I find myself wading in the kiddie pool spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, relationally, and professionally.  Ideally (so many -lys), I would like to take 2015 to find new depth in my Continue Reading

A letter to my son at 10 months old


Dearest Son, I met a baby about your age once in my early twenties.  She was calm and sweet and she clung to her mommy's hip like she was attached to it.  The moment I met her, I looked forward to having a baby that was 10 months old.  A baby who wasn't helpless and crying; one who was calm; and above all else, clung to my hip like he/she was attached to it. I'm going to let you in on a Continue Reading

I don’t want my marriage to look like a romantic comedy; I want it to look like my parents’ marriage.


Steven and I always laugh about the fact that we never think about my parents lives before meeting each other. Of course their lives began when they married each other, right?  If that is the case, then my parents are forty-one years old today. Two spring chickens; still in love after all of these years.  And yet, their love doesn't exactly look like the love that I see on romantic Continue Reading

Don’t stop retrievin’ (Favorite Christmas Memory)


This Christmas was by far my best Christmas.  It was like being a kid again...only better. Holding my little boy on my lap as he tore through mountains of paper and played with brand new toys was so much more exciting than tearing through my own Christmas haul. He has been my favorite gift ever. It didn't take me long to realize that Christmas will never be the same again.  Each year, it will keep Continue Reading