Putting all the race cards on the table…

Ted Morris via http://www.rochesterhomepage.net/story/d/story/22-year-old-to-open-new-charter-school-in-rocheste/59699/JxSqoj9RTU-EANC-sWLfYw

My day started quite unexpectedly at 1 a.m., as my little bear growled for the better part of an hour and a half. I had already planned a morning run with a new friend at 5:30 a.m., so this particular post is fueled by very little sleep, a fair amount of caffeine, and an early morning runner's high. Normally, my new friend and I chat about long runs, life with a baby (and all that entails), Continue Reading

The #FCChallenge


Here is the ugly truth about my beautiful city: Atlanta is one of the largest hubs for human trafficking in the country. There are plenty of things I'd rather talk about in regards to my booming metropolis: like how Atlanta is known for our southern hospitality; or how we were the birthplace of civil rights; or how our city's chefs prepare some sinfully delicious food.  Heck, I'd rather write Continue Reading

Oh hey Friday (5 follow-ups from earlier posts)

Hey readers and HELLO FRIDAY. *Catcall.* There is nothing more attractive than a weekend, amiright? Especially when said weekend begins with a concert...Tonight's events reminded me that sometimes, I need to follow up from previous posts to keep y'all in the loop.  So...this Friday, I'm focusing on 5 follow-ups that you NEED TO CHECK OUT! It will surely bring a smile to your face. 1. An Continue Reading

The advent of a new season


I've decided that Christmas is much more fun when there are kids around. I think every adult gets to the point in their twenties or thirties when they realize that Christmas comes whenever they need it to come.  What I mean by that is we have a paycheck; we maintain a budget; and we can buy those socks when we need to buy them. Getting gifts is still exciting, but not quite what it used to be. Continue Reading

It’s a crawlin’ shame…


Little Bear is almost crawling forward.  He has gotten to the point where he is reaching and repositioning himself onto his belly.  He gets up on all fours and moves vigorously back and forth shifting his weight.  His newest favorite activity is crawling and scooting around in his bed.  Yesterday, he knocked the monitor camera sideways.  And thus, it was time to drop his crib so he won't topple Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! (5 house divided problems)


Oh, hey readers! And helloooo Friday!! This weekend is pretty epic in our home...it is the one day of the year where my husband and I are completely at odds.  We will never be able to reconcile this difference in our marriage.  It's a painful reality...but it is true.   Yes, friends.  It is the weekend of the Georgia v. Auburn football game.  The struggle is real. This is our Continue Reading

The problem with breaking the internet…


Kim Kardashian broke the internet! Did you hear? Yes; sadly, Kim Kardashians epic booty broke the internet.  May the information train rest in peace; this caboose just sent it off track. It is a miracle you're able to read this, actually.  Thanks a lot, Paper Magazine (and double K). So, admittedly, I've watched a few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I think the last shows I Continue Reading

Habakkuk and a smile…


Chances are, if you have attended church recently, the pastor probably didn't tell you to turn to Nahum chapter 1.  And yes, there is a book of Nahum (you don't have to Google it). I'm guessing ole' preacher man didn't tell you to thumb through to land on the pages of Habakkuk either.  And why not? Both books are in the Bible.  The pastor is like a shepherd; guiding us through these ancient Continue Reading

Oh, hey Friday (on a Monday) {5 tips for your first BIG race}


What's better than Friday? A Friday post on a Monday. In truth, I'd planned to post this on Friday, but I couldn't make my way to a computer as I was miles away from home, right in the center of Savannah for my first Rock N Roll series half marathon.  And now, my readers get a bonus of five extra tips from a newbie to a big race series. ALSO...to my loyal readers...should I start a side Continue Reading

Ten things you don’t anticipate when becoming a mother.


We're still working on little Bear's crawling skills...and it is frustrating.  I get frustrated thinking about all the time I didn't put him on his belly...and he is frustrated because I keep pushing him to move in a way that he absolutely does not want to move. It was somewhere in between attempting to put his knees together and him dive bombing on his quilt when I realized that I really need to Continue Reading