Don’t get sad…get plaid!

Y'all... My heart is so, so heavy today.  It is October 30: two days away from Brittany Maynard's scheduled "death with dignity." I don't know why she has affected me so much: maybe it is that we are the same age.  Perhaps it is the love that she has for her husband, or the admiration she holds for her mother.  I don't know why her choice to end her life has devastated me in the deepest way Continue Reading

The Tacky Truth about Jeremiah 29:11


One of my favorite books to read to little Bear is Tacky the Penguin.   Tacky is not like any ordinary penguin, though it doesn't seem to bother him much.  He doesn't march in step, or dive gracefully, or sing pretty songs, or do anything that his companions (Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect)  do. He is different; as his name suggests, he is downright tacky.  According Continue Reading

To the opponents of common core standards…


Election day is upon us...and primetime TV has been invaded by political ads, rife with hyperbole and loose rhetoric. Every time I watch advertisements from both sides of the political circus, I wonder if people are actually buying any bit of what these rhetoricians are selling.  Each of the political parties are selling snake oil; playing dangerously with semantics and on the overwhelming Continue Reading

Motherlode of reasons why SAHMs are just the same as working moms

A few years ago, we all laughed when Kristen Wig transformed into Penelope: the nervous, hair-twirling, one-upping brunette.  No one laughed because her character was funny, necessarily, but because everyone knows a Penelope.  And Penelopes make us uncomfortable.  Discomfort makes us laugh to keep us from crying. Penelopes know our friends for longer; they hurt more than we hurt; they know more Continue Reading

Oh, hey Friday! 5 questions answered about rest/cheat days (Kelly of ChaseLife)

Ahhh, Friday: otherwise known as my rest day.  In truth, I also take off Sunday and Monday.  If I do anything, its a walk (usually 3 miles or less).  I look forward to my rest days and absolutely need them after a week of training or my long Saturday run.  I take 3 rest days to avoid injury (after Saturday's run), and to go grocery shopping on Monday. Fridays are filled with fun outings and I want Continue Reading

The Romantic Rationalist (Review and Giveaway)

Shredding someone's carefully crafted piece to pieces. :(

I must have hit the backspace button about 20 times before I actually finished this sentence…and I’m still not pleased with how it turned out. That’s the thing about writers: we are never satisfied. We are always wondering if what we’ve typed was good enough; we sit contemplatively thinking about the receptions our words will get. As most of you know, I began this profession as a means to Continue Reading

4 things to skip on your baby registry and 4 things to register for instead

October 31 marks the traditional annual pilgrimage of elementary-aged children going door-to-door asking politely for sugary sweets. It's an odd tradition, really. But not many people question the practice. That is, except for my mom. October 31 was never celebrated in our home with traditional door-to-door solicitation. Instead, I handed out snacks to my friends. I was never really bothered Continue Reading

30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30…

A picture from this past weekend...looking forward to the next 365 days!

So, today is my birthday.  Woo hoo! I used to think this day was all about me; but after becoming a mama, I realize it is more about my mama than me.  This year, I am so contemplative on this beautiful October morning as I realize how much she has given up to see me become the woman that I am.  I think about the anticipation that followed this day twenty-nine years ago.  I was a prayer my Continue Reading

Oh, hey Friday! 5 Workout Tips for Beginners

It looks like I am posing here...

Kelly is back at it this week for 5 workout tips for beginners.  Be sure to enter her giveaway (IPMPI's biggest prize yet!) below. This week is a cause near and dear to my heart, as I know what it can be like starting all over again with an adequate exercise routine.  When I was younger, I was a swimmer.  In high school, I dabbled in every sport imaginable.  It wasn't until a few years Continue Reading

The fall of man

the fall of man 1

Dear Brittany, The other day, I sat with my infant son on my lap on our front porch admiring the leaves changing colors.  I realize that he doesn't understand exactly what I am saying, but I have made a habit of explaining natural seasonal changes.  He has now seen winter change to spring, spring change to summer, and summer change to fall.  When the leaves started budding, I explained to my Continue Reading