An Anomaly: Christian Rapper Makes it to #1 on Billboard 200


Last August,  Smashing Pumpkins lead singer, Billy Corgan, raised an eyebrow or two and ruffled a few feathers during a CNN interview when he said: (A Popular American Magazine asked) What's the future of rock?" And my answer was, "God". And they said, "What do you mean?" And I said, "Well, God's the third rail of -" What is it? "Social security is the third rail of politics in America". Well, Continue Reading

Wonderful Wednesday

I am working on some pretty exciting things for the rest of this week, so my usual verbose posts will be short, but sweet.  Here are three wonderful things (courtesy of Huffpost) to get you through your Wednesday. 1. Resolute 10-Year-Old Returns To Football Field After Double Leg Amputations     2. Inseparable Dog Besties Who Were Rescued Together Are The True Meaning Of Continue Reading

Post grammatic stress disorder (finding work in education after student-teaching) part III (TTT)

If you missed part I or part II of post-grammatic stress disorder (finding work in education after student-teaching) you can find all parts of this series here. Have you ever attempted to run as fast as you can in a set of four-inch heels? I have; a gal will do anything for a job. No, no, no.  Not that kind of job.  I'm talking about a job in education. So there I was, in the dead Continue Reading

Burning the midnight turmoil…

Some babies just wake up one morning revealing a few pearly whites just breaking through their gums. "Look mom, I have teeth!" They may smile at a reasonable hour. That mom will smile back with a bit of pride and a little sadness, thinking, 'where did my little baby go!?' That baby is not my baby.  I am not that mom. I'm working off of about four and a half hours of sleep (which I used to Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! Five reasons to shop The Littlest Nest (Review and giveaway)


Oh, hey Friday! Little Bear, my husband, and I are gearing up for a weekend of fun and football in our house.  This really is the best time of year! Things have been a bit heavy here on the blog this week; my attempts at discussing the issue of racism as well as my remembrance of 9/11, have become two posts that were the most taxing to publish.  I need a post that is just for fun, so this is my Continue Reading

Gray area (remembering 9/11)

If you are a tax-paying citizen over the age of 20, chances are, you've been asked the question, "where were you on September 11, 2011?" I remember everything...and I do mean everything about that day. It was a typical Tuesday in the Twiss household.  I was fifteen;  I said goodbye to my mom and dad early that morning and headed to school.  My dad was scheduled to go to work, and he worked Continue Reading

100…ish things I’ve learned in 100 posts

This is my 100th post in I Prefer My Puns Intended.  I have to give a sincere thank you to all who have supported me over the last five months in this writing venture.  It has been a blessing to re-connect with old friends and connect with new friends during this new journey of motherhood.  I cannot tell you how much it means when I hear, "I read your blog every day," or "you encouraged me so Continue Reading

Sorry Michael, it does matter if you’re black or white (TTT)

Not exactly what I had in mind

I am taking a break this week from my six-week series "how to find a job in education," in order to address something that has been weighing heavily on my heart. This past Friday, the high school in which I was previously employed played their heated rival under the Friday night lights.  I always enjoy going to this particular match-up as it brings out pageantry and pride as both teams fight Continue Reading

Solid mommy #fail (Part II)

Superboy and Little Bear...talking football

I'm starting to wonder if my son will be on an all-liquid diet for the rest of his life.  Kidding of course.  Well, at least, sort of kidding. My first attempts at introducing little Bear to solids were...unsuccessful.   My experiments with solid foods to date have not been any more successful. And by success, I mean any attempts that don't end in me doing a swipe for large pieces of food, a Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! (5 things we can learn from Joan Rivers)

    Hello there, Friday.  Nice to see you.  It feels like we just said goodbye and you are back again. That's what I love about you: you come back.  You always do. That is, for those of us who are blessed enough to still be here. Hollywood has lost another star this week: Joan Rivers.  Oddly enough, there weren't quite as many people quick to jump on social media to talk about Continue Reading