30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30…

A picture from this past weekend...looking forward to the next 365 days!

So, today is my birthday.  Woo hoo! I used to think this day was all about me; but after becoming a mama, I realize it is more about my mama than me.  This year, I am so contemplative on this beautiful October morning as I realize how much she has given up to see me become the woman that I am.  I think about the anticipation that followed this day twenty-nine years ago.  I was a prayer my Continue Reading

Oh, hey Friday! 5 Workout Tips for Beginners

It looks like I am posing here...

Kelly is back at it this week for 5 workout tips for beginners.  Be sure to enter her giveaway (IPMPI's biggest prize yet!) below. This week is a cause near and dear to my heart, as I know what it can be like starting all over again with an adequate exercise routine.  When I was younger, I was a swimmer.  In high school, I dabbled in every sport imaginable.  It wasn't until a few years Continue Reading

The fall of man

the fall of man 1

Dear Brittany, The other day, I sat with my infant son on my lap on our front porch admiring the leaves changing colors.  I realize that he doesn't understand exactly what I am saying, but I have made a habit of explaining natural seasonal changes.  He has now seen winter change to spring, spring change to summer, and summer change to fall.  When the leaves started budding, I explained to my Continue Reading

Skinny S-panache Dip (and a Wilton Armetale giveaway)

Easy Spanache Dip sponsored by Wilton Armetale 1

As an amateur chef simple housekeeper, I've decided that cooking is ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION. I am not a food blogger by any stretch of the imagination.  In truth, most of my meals are planned perusing Skinny Taste, because Gina knows how to make a meal that is packed with flavor and low on calories.  I just purchased her cookbook...and you should too.  She is a master chef. And...I Continue Reading

Why Christians are bad in bed (Pulling Back the Shades Review and Giveaway)

I was an anxious eleven-year-old with knock knees when my mom and I finally sat down to have the conversation about the birds and the bees.  We'd just returned from a walk where my oldest sister (she was twenty-one at the time) mentioned something about sex. My mother quickly hushed her, and I was even quicker to respond with my pre-teen wisdom, "Mom, I already know what sex is." It seemed Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! 5 diet tips from Kelly of ChaseLife

So, this week marks the least prolific week on IPMPI.  I extended my mommy vaca by taking a brief blogging break, but I will return with gusto next week debuting 3 new giveaways. As promised, the Wilton Armetale Viceroy collection giveaway will go live (with a skinny spinach dip recipe) next week.  Also, I will be reviewing and giving away two NEW books...one talks about SEX.  And SEX sells so Continue Reading

A teacher walks into a bar, asks ‘can I have a beer,’ bartender says, ‘IDK, CAN you?’ (Two-cent Teacher Tuesday)


It's no secret that teachers get into education because they want to make a difference. Or at least, that's why I decided I wanted to become a teacher.  It was the beginning of 2009 (perhaps my defining year) and I accepted a position as a secretary for an Atlanta real estate company.  I remember the interview vividly as the president furrowed his brow and said, "Are you sure you'd be ok Continue Reading

Three ways to take a mommy vaca…

mommy vaca

I've embraced the fact that part of being a mom means I shouldn't expect to feel well rested.  Do I like that part of the job? Not particularly. Would I want to be doing anything else? Absolutely not. That's the best part about motherhood; I realize that this is the best and most important job I will ever have.  I really enjoyed seeing my high school classmates over the weekend, and I was truly Continue Reading

Oh hey, Friday! (5 mental health benefits of working out from Kelly of Chaselife)

Oh, hey there lover...I mean Friday.  I mean...uhm. Hello, everyone!   I hope you're just as excited about the weekend as I am.  As I mentioned yesterday...my ten year reunion is this weekend.  I  CANNOT WAIT. It's sure to be a fun weekend I won't quickly forget. Events start this evening and span until Sunday Morning.  On a note totally unrelated to the reunion, I have a race Saturday morning Continue Reading

Homeco-mane (10 steps, 10 minutes, perfect 10 hair waves for my 10 year reunion)

How to get the perfect wave in 10 minutes or less

I was an "athlete" in high school. I use quotes because I tried my hand at every sport I wanted to, whether I had talent or not.  I'm pretty sure my attempt at playing soccer was laughable.  Every game held two objectives for me: run fast and elbow other girls. INSERT TEENAGE ANGST PHRASE HERE! Note that neither of those objectives produces a good footballer. Gah, I'm so European! Don't let my Continue Reading